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I’ve been hearing, anecdotally mind, that EV owners are not seeing as big a hit on range in cold weather as expected... and they are seemingly as common on the streets of Calgary now as they were a few years ago in West LA when I was regularly travelling there.

On the other hand, this is my first full winter owning a *very* common class of gas-powered vehicle; an AWD, v6, automatic crossover - and fuel consumption in cold weather and snowy roads has increased by 30-50% from its already thirsty numbers, much worse than our other cars. I don’t know if it’s down to the AWD, the automatic, the poor aerodynamics, or or all the above, but my other regular driver has the same engine, but in a fwd, manual transmission station wagon (weighs about the same tho’), and while fuel consumption can increase by ~25% in cold and snowy weather, it’s a lot better than its stable mate.

In either case, our gas vehicles bear out that gasoline range drops a lot in the cold too - it’s not an EV exclusive thing.

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I am shocked Danielle Smith isn't a part of this

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