This time, it's a study from SFU arguing that TMX isn't economically viable. Here's why it's just as wrong as all the other ones.
My conversation with Michael Berends from ClearBlue Markets
The Premier's "Fight Back Strategy" has endured a string of embarrassing defeats lately, but this one takes the cake. Also: I subject myself to a Suits…
When it comes to climate change, the Fraser Institute always misses the mark. This time, they managed to outdo themselves
One last dive into the increasingly ridiculous Bigfoot fiasco, along with a few words on India's ambitious net-zero pledge and the IEA's bearish oil…
Plus a silly op-ed from (where else?) Postmedia, a terrible attempt to push back against divestment, and the great promise of green hydrogen in Quebec
The only question left: is this incompetence intentional or just another example of Hanlon's Razor in action?
Some thoughts on Seth Klein's book and why it sends the wrong message to those who care about good climate policy
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